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Boehm Bag Refills

Boehm Bag Refills

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Boehm Bag Grip Enhancer

Includes three inserts for the Boehm Bag (Boehm Bag itself not included)

For players who want an immediate, consistent, dry finger grip on their dart this is the ultimate grip conditioner. Unlike chalk, rosin, or wax this leaves no residue, is not sticky, just pure grip on your dart. Try it once and you’ll see why it’s the best available product for superior consistency and feel every time.

100% of the time, it works EVERYTIME


"If it wasn't for the Boehm Bag, i would have never 3peated in Canada, Won the Continental Cup, made the quarterfinals of the Grand Slam and played at Alley pally" - probably Stowe Buntz

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