Team DJD invades Virginia Beach

The 2024 Virginia Beach Dart Classic is in the books, and what a weekend it was for Team DJD.  Historically it has been the tournament of the year that we have the biggest team turnout for, and this year that did not change, as we had 23 member of Team DJD in attendance, with great results out of the team as well!  As always the weekend amazing, and also a special thank you to everyone that visited our table, bought a shirt, or just came for a conversation!

Now onto the weekend results!

Ladies Pro Cricket
T8 - Tracy Feiertag and Brittany Jasinski
T16 - Cheyenne Richards

Mens Pro Cricket
2nd - Jim Long
T8 - Joey Lynaugh and Stowe Buntz
T16 - Ryan Vander Weit and Matt Thompson

2nd - Brandon Rogers w/ Evan Andrews

Mixed Trips
1st - Brittany Truemper w/ Alex Spellman and Dustin Holt
2nd - Stowe Buntz w/ Elliot Milk and Kasia Przybyl
T8 - Mark McFadden w/ Cary Thaxton and Taylor Gilliam
T8 - Bruce Robbins w/ Robbie Phillips and Carolyn Marrs
T16 - Gavin Nicoll, Joey Lynaugh and Cheyenne Richards
T16 - Matt Thompson w/ Rick Allred and Massiel Garcia
T16 - Colm Neilson w/ Jason and Nicole Daigneault

Ladies WDF 501
T4 - Tracy Feiertag

Mens WDF 501
1st - Jason Brandon
T4 - Stephen Phillips
T8 - Gavin Nicoll
T16 - Jim Long and Matt Thompson

Ladies Doubles 501
T4 - Tracy Feiertag w/ Carolyn Mars
T8 - Brittany Jasinski w/ Kasia Przybyl
T16 - Tammy Dauber w/ Beth Schaeffer

Mens Doubles 501
1st - Bruce Robbins w/ Robbie Phillips
T16 - Brandon Rogers w/ Bill Bell

Mens Singles Cricket
2nd - Joey Lynaugh
T4 - Stowe Buntz
T16 - Ross Minty, Matt Thompson, Jim Long and Brandon Rogers

Ladies Singles Cricket
T8 - Tammy Dauber

Mens Doubles Cricket
1st - Stowe Buntz w/ Elliot Milk
2nd - Matt Thompson w/ Rick Allred
T8 - Jim Long and Ryan Vander Weit
T8 - Aaron Rench w/ David Dwyer
T8 - Jason Brandon w/ Hossey Hicks

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