Team DJD in May

I know it has been a while for the Team DJD update, but as we begin to enter CDC season this coming weekend, there has been a ton of positives over the past several weeks!

At the Cleveland Open a couple weeks ago, Darin Young picked up the Win in 301 over teammate Jim Long, Kevin Yasenchak won the Cricket blind draw with Tony Massimiani, Matthew Thompson won Doubles cricket with DJ Sayre, Darin Young won Mixed Triples with Paula Murphy and Michael Nguyen, Kevin Yasenchak won doubles 501 with Joe Hedrick and Darin Young picked up his 3rd win of the weekend in Singles Cricket.

At the Chairman of the Board soft tip event Cheyenne Richards won Mixed triples draw and took 2nd in the Chairwoman of the Board.

In the world of DPs there were some great result

Matthew Thompson won DPDC Event 1

Jeff Springer won events 3, 5 and 6 in DPNW

Joey Lynaugh picked up his 10th DPNY event win at DPNY 4


and this past weekend Tracy Feiertag and Kim Leduc picked up the W at the Ladies World Cup held in Philly!


Major upcoming events
CDC Weekend 1 and US Dart Master qualifiers this weekend 5/17-5/19
US Dart Masters 5/31-6/1

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