Team DJD Forgotten tournaments, MAST and More

So what has been going on with Team DJD you ask? Well let us fill you in!

Lets start this tour by going back in time a little bit to a couple of events and results that we missed.

In the beginning of February, 2 of Team DJD's wonderful female shots, Sally Kelly and Tammy Dauber competed at the Groundhog Open.  Sally managed a Top 8 finish in the WDF singles, and a top 4 finish in Doubles cricket, and Tammy picked up a Top 8 in both Doubles cricket and Doubles 01 as well as 2nd place in the WDF Singles!  Great shooting ladies.

2 weeks ago Kevin Yasenchak played at the Youngstown tournament where he managed a T8 in singles 01, T4 in Doubles cricket, 2nd in Trips and 1st place finishes in singles cricket and Doubles 01!  Amazing weekend out of Kevin!

In the North West, Jeff Springer took the first ever DPNW event crown making it through a tough round robin and knockout bracket!

At the 2024 Oklahoma Throwdown, Cheyenne Richards for lack of a better term, dominated the competition!  She finished 3rd in singles cricket, 2nd in Trips, and grabbed 1st place in both Doubles 01 and Cricket, as well as grabbing first place in the Womens Singles Finale!  Amazing results out of the blonde swan.

Finally we head over to MAST!

3 or Nothin
1st - Joey Lynaugh
T8 - Ryan Vander Weit, Ed LaVeck, Sean Mitchell
T16 - Colm Neilson

Baseball LOD
2nd - Ryan Vander Weit w/ Dom Pagnozzi
T4 - Ed LaVeck w/ Emie Romano
T8 - Stephen Phillips w/ Ed Fitzpatrick
T16 - Colm Neilson and PJ Stewart - Tracy Feiertag w/ Adam McKeon

Mixed Trips
1st - Joey Lynaugh, Ryan Vander Weit and Tracy Feiertag
T4 - Kim LeDuc w/ Ed Halverson and Dom Pagnozzi
T8 - Bruce Robbins and Dave Walsh w/ Marilen Lund

Open Cricket
1st - Stephen Phillips
2nd - Dave Walsh
T4 - Ryan Vander Weit
T16 - PJ Stewart - Colm Neilson

Open Doubles 501
1st - Aaron Rench w/ Dave Dwyer
2nd - Dave Walsh and Bruce Robbins
T8 - Joey Lynaugh and Ryan Vander Weit - Ed LaVeck w/ Gino Florian

Womens Cricket
T4 - Tracy Feiertag

1st - Ed LaVeck w/ David Minasian
T8 - PJ Stewart w/ Rich Delasant

Open 501
1st - Stephen Phillips
T4 - Joey Lynaugh
T8 - Dave Walsh
T16 - Bruce Robbins

Womens Doubles Cricket
1st - Tracy Feiertag and Kim LeDuc

Open Doubles Cricket
1st - Ryan Vander Weit and Joey Lynaugh
2nd - Dave Walsh and Bruce Robbins
T4 - Stephen Phillips and PJ Stewart
T8 - Colm Neilson and Sean Mitchell

Womens 501
1st - Tracy Feiertag
T8 - Kim LeDuc

Great shooting by Team DJD this weekend and throughout the year so far.  on the horizon we have Virginia Beach Darts Classic next weekend, White Mountain Open after that and in about a month, the CDC Cross Border challenge where we are proud to have 7 of the 16 players competing!

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