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Apologies for missing last week, but boy do we have a lot to recap over the last 2 weekends!

Lets start over in Europe where this past weekend we saw Danny Lauby and Jules Van Dongen compete in the UK Open, both entering in round 1. Unfortunately Jules would lose a tough last leg decider in his opening round match. Danny on the other hand, won all 3 of his early sessions match to put his name into the hat for the draw for Friday night. In round 4 he would take on Stephen Bunting, where his run would unfortunately come to an end as well.

2 Weekends ago from 2/23-2/25, Joey Lynaugh went across to play in the PDC Developmental Tour. After a rough start to the weekend, Joey went on to win his board in even 5 and finished T32, and then made it to his board final in Event 5 to finish T64.

Now lets head back to the States with some ADO and other weekend Events.

Shoot the Moon -
Jason Brandon picked up the W in Singles 301, T4 in Singles 501, T8 in Trips with Sandy has and Joe Chaney, T8 in Mixed doubles with Clayanna Brandon, and T16 in Doubles Cricket with Joe Chaney.

Crystal Coast Shootout-
Singles 301 - 1st - Stowe Buntz

Mixed Doubles - 1st - Stowe Buntz w/ Mary Letson

Singles Cricket - T4 - Stephen Phillips; T8 - Stowe Buntz; T16 - Ross Minty

Doubles Cricket - 1st - Stephen Phillips and Ross Minty; 2nd - Stowe Buntz w/ Josh Letson

301 One and Done - 1st - Stephen Phillips

Blind Draw - 2nd - Ross minty w/ Josh Zane

Mixed Doubles - 1st - Stehpen Phillips w/ Leslie Phillips; 2nd - Stowe Buntz w/ Mary Letson

Mens 501 - 1st - Stowe Buntz

Doubles 501 - 1st - Stowe Buntz w/ Josh Letson; 2nd - Stephin Phillips and Ross Minty

Port City Open-

Mixed Doubles - 2nd - Aaron Rench w/ Carolyn Mars

Womens Doubles Cricket - T4 - Tracy Feiertag w/ Kelly Thibault; T8 - Sally Kelly w/ Taylor Almeida

Mens 501 - T8 - Bruce Robbins

Mens Doubles Cricket - T8 - Aaron Rench and Chris Franklin; Bruce Robbins w/ Tom Sawyer; T16 - Colm Neilson w/ Danny Capurso

Womens Doubles 501 - 1st - Tracy Feiertag w/ Sally Kelly

Mens Doubles 501 - T16 - Bruce Robbins w/ Tom Sawyer; Colm Neilson w/ Danny Capurso

Womens Singles Cricket - 2nd - Tracy Feiertag

Mens Singles Cricket - Aaron Rench

PJ Stewart played in the Jonathan Souders 42nd Florida Open, putting up a T4 in the Pro shoot, T8 in Doubles Cricket with Jim Widmayer, and a 2nd in Doubles 501 with Widmayer

The same weekend we also saw the NJ State Cricket championship where Ryan Vander Weit won his 5th title, over coming teamate Connor Martin in the finals; The DPOH Grand Finals, where Gavin Nicoll made it to the Top 4; and Ladies Metro stop #2 where Kim Leduc picked up the Win

This past weekend Aaron Rench finished 2nd at DPNE stop 2, and at the Big Dog soft tip tournemnt Mark McFadden grabbed Top 8s in 4man, Doubles 501, Doubles Cricket; 5/6 in Mixed doubles, T16 in Singles Cricket and 2nd in Mixed Trips.

Amazing couple weeks for the entire team, as we now head in to MAST this weekend, and Virginia Beach Dart Classic in 3 weeks!

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